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The story of A Ray of Sunshine Coffee started long before it's establishment in 2022.. Initially it was just me making coffee syrups in high school, trying to get coffee to taste the way I wanted it to. The first syrup I ever made was our Signature Cinnamon-Dolce Syrup, and it branched from there. I went on to making the other 4 of our Signature Syrup Collection, Vanilla, Almond, Caramel, and Mocha.


Once I finished that, I knew my next step was to make my own Iced Coffee, one that didn't taste like the ones in the store. In my experience, most if not all the Iced Coffee in store we're either too bitter for me,  overly sweet, or just overall tasted subpar. I knew that my Iced Coffee had to be the complete opposite, an Iced Coffee that was delicious as is. 

We've been hard at work trying to come up with our formula, and it took about 2 years of experimenting. We tried different types of coffee, brewing methods, and ingredients, but we've finally narrowed down our formula, to where we're using our products in our bottles. Ingredients like our Signature Coffee Syrups, which are all-natural, made in-house syrups. We hope that you can taste the dedication we've put into our Coffee Family, and we hope you enjoy!

Clean Coffee

Our goal is to introduce coffee enthusiasts to our exquisite range of products, carefully curated to elevate your coffee experience. From refreshing Cold Brew to rich and velvety Iced Coffee, and an array of Signature Coffee Syrups, each sip is a experience.

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